Thursday, 6 October 2016

Pencil | #NationalPoetryDay


I marvel my pencil.
I just can't keep my hands from it.

He scribbles my words, when I can't find what to say.
He makes my thoughts audible, and in a neat and clear way.

He’s becoming older now.
With every word I write the shorter he becomes.
One day I know I’ll have to let go, but not now, just one more word.

- Rebecca.

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Monthly Marker | July

Hello! Welcome to my Monthly Marker for June, every once-in-awhile I'll write one of these just so you can find out what I've been up to and so I can announce little things that you may be interested in. Also, I'd like to apologise for missing this last month, but I had exams and was generally quite busy so, yeah?!!! Sorry xx

My main highlight of July was that I went on holiday to the Yorkshire Dales, Healaugh near Reeth to be exact. This was a big step anxiety wise for me as the idea of spending an entire week away from my "Safe Space" was pretty terrifying, but I did it and had a great time, even though it rained, poured, chucked-it-down and bucketed-it-down the first few days.

Now after saying that my holiday was my main highlight what I’m about to write about was also frickin’ amazing!! I got to attend Louise Gornall’s book launch for the amazing, brilliant, fantabusuperawesome book Under Rose-Tainted Skies. My anxiety leading up to this was ridiculous but I somehow managed to force my butt into the car and drive down to the cutest little bookshop for the launch, there was cake and pink lemonade and books just, oh my! It was fab.

I also went to see Finding Dory at the cinema which was brilliant, as expected. Since I got diagnosed with anxiety I've been trying to live by the quote "Just keep swimming" so it was nice to see how if you just keep swimming amazing things can happen. Also baby Dory was the cutest thing ever!

Oh yeah, I also pretended to be a five-year-old again...